A secret artist studio in Lofoten – right in the midnight sun

A secret artist studio in
Lofoten -

Right in the midnight sun.






This hidden artist studio in Lofoten

is the perfect place for creativity since the sun never will go down. This beautiful rustic artist studio is located on one of the many islands of Lofoten in north of Norway called Austvågsøya. To get to this beautiful, rustic studio you need to drive on narrow country roads through plenty of tunnels and over fjords until the landscapes opens up and surrounded by the high mountains you find a small village. 


The studio 

used to be an old henhouse but has been transformed to an artist studio with an open fire and all equipment you need to have a creative stay. You rent the studio together with a house where you can sleep and cook that also is a transformed cowshed. The house has plenty of beds for a large company and panorama view over the midnight sun.


What really makes this place unforgettable 

is that you will be right in the middle of the most beautiful nature on earth - doing what you love the most. We were going swimming in the fjords during the days, zig zagging around sheep sleeping on the road.  And when we get home at night we were sitting drawing and painting until we realized it was already morning without us realizing it had already been night.



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