A hidden beautiful forest in Portugal – with a hotel right in the middle

A hidden beautiful forest in

with a hotel right in the middle





This secret beautiful forest in Portugal 

is probably not what first come on your mind when thinking about Portugal. Maybe you think about the charming cities like Porto and Lisbon along Portugals coast side. About a vacation where you can both visit a city and go swimming? This hidden forest is maybe not all new to every Portuguese, but for all us other it is a truly hidden secret - more beautiful then most of the beaches along Portugals coast. It is perfect for a hiking day  tour or as a two day vacation with one night on the beautiful luxury hotel in the middle of the forest


The forest 

i located in central Portugal and is is totally hidden inside high stone walls. It was first settled in the 6th century (!) and it is full of overgrown staircases, monuments and fountains - with gives it an abandoned, spooky feeling at the same time that is is unbelievable beautiful.

The vegetation differs a lot  

because of the hight difference in the forest. There is a tropical jungle with palm trees and ferns that feels like a real dinosaur forest. If you move further up the overgrown staircases, closer to the viewpoints, the forest is much more dry and the flora totally different. When we were there we just walked around up and down, taking off at every exiting path we saw, exploring the forest. Since it is all inside walls there is no risk you'll get lost which is a big difference to walking in other forests


There is a beautiful palace 

in the middle of the forest from 1628 with beautiful architecture and a dreamy garden with hedges and incredible flowers. The palace is now a luxury hotel and restaurant, and if we would have known before we went, we probably would have spent a night there. To have breakfast on the terrace in this beautiful palace surrounded by that magnificent forest would have been a breakfast for a lifetime.



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