The best view of Himalaya – and a rest in-between trekking

The best view of
Himalaya -

And a rest in-between trekking





When people get to Kathmandu

they usually get a but overwhelmed - unless you’re coming from India when Kathmandu is easy peasy compared to Dehli and Mumbai. After spending a week in the capital of Nepal we decided to find some peace before starting our big trek. We wanted a quiet, beautiful place to read, relax and to get ready for our big trek. Since we were going to finish the trek in Nepal’s second biggest city Pokhara, we thought a good Idea would be to find this dream destination there. 

500 stares up on a hill

around Phewa lake you can find this small eco-retreat that started with tents and now is made of 10 rooms with solar power. But what really makes this retreat stand out is the view. Probably the best view of the Himalayas without needing to walk a single meter (besides from up the 500 steps up the stairs…).


You can choose between sunrise view and mountain view

rooms - but you can watch both the sunrise and mountains from the the whole  resort - just that with the right rooms you can actually be lying in bed while watching.

And to wake up looking down

(yes you, will be above the clouds) at the golden clouds that are surrounding the Peace Pagoda in the sunrise is really a unique experience. Wait one more hour and you can watch the first colorful boats row out on Phewa lake. And in perfect timing for breakfast, the sky will clear up after the sunrise and you will see the whole Annapurna range in its very best self while hundreds of dragonflies are flying around, making the scenery even more special. 



Yes this a place to rest

but the view will never rest. It’s constantly changing and you will soon wake up by yourself at 5:30, ready to watch the sunrise of the day. Many think that you need to go trekking to be able to enjoy the Himalayas beauty. But you don’t. All you need is to find that perfect, calm view spot. And you won’t need a book or iPad to keep yourself busy. The most dramatic yet peaceful place to rest your eyes will always be right in front of you.



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