A quiet beach in Goa – Surrounded by the jungle

A quiet beach in Goa -

Surrounded by the jungle.







When we arrived at the Eco-resort

we had been in a taxi for more then two hours on the highway from the airport and an other 20 minutes in absolute darkness on a dust road in the jungle. We had been taken to absolutely nowhere. When we got out of the car the only thing we could hear was the heavy waves from the ocean - but we couldn't see anything. It was pitch black.

We zig-zaged down the hill

towards the ocean and suddenly we started to hear some soft lounge music and we came into a cozy beach bar. Light bulbs where hanging with a soft golden light from the roof and young couples were sitting two and two, drinking Kingfisher and cuddling. We sat down, just like the other couples, and couldn't wait for it to become morning so we would find out where the hell we were.



When we woke up the next morning

we realized it was for real - we were in paradise. Our room was a modern bungalow build on wooden poles. The walls were all in glass and the furniture was rustic Indian, but very well considered with beautiful wooden carved furnitures and handmade rugs. We had a big terrace overlooking the beach and the ocean.  And man, that ocean.  

Before we went to Goa

we had heard both good and bad reviews. But more bad ones. It was supposed to be really busy and full of parties. The beaches wasn't that good and it was dirty and there would be people walking on the beach disturbing you with selling fresh juice or staring intensely.



Probably Goa is really different

depending on what beach you find. When we woke up that morning we found ourselves on a paradise beach. It was a really quiet beach with beautiful white sand and dolphins jumping in the sea. There was also a lagoon with fresh water from the jungle surrounded by palm trees. 

We spent the next seven days

eating fish curry, drinking kingfisher and cuddling just like the other couples we saw that first night. We had found our own quiet paradise in India.



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