The best Airbnb in Bali – A creative design dream

The best Airbnb in Bali - 

 A creative design dream.







You might have seen these houses in your Pinterest feed

or on Instagram or somewhere else on the Internet. When we came across them on Airbnb we really recognized both of them and realized we had pinned several photos of them on our Cabin Inspiration board. And now they were there; right in front of us and ready to book. We couldn’t have been happier.

Hideout is located

in a very genuine place of Bali, surrounded by rice fields with amazing vulcano views. The two bamboo houses are located in a beautiful garden, but they both have separate gardens so you have plenty of privacy. We didn’t even see the other guest. There is a river going next to the houses and you really feel surrounded by jungle.


But it’s not only the off-the-track location,

perfect for reflection and calming down that makes these houses unique and something special. It’s all about the design of the houses. You can tell that someone has really been planning to create the houses of their dreams and all details are considered. Bed, sofa, sink, shelves - everything is built on place to fit the cabin perfectly- and everything is in bamboo.

Even the wires to the lamps and pipes

for the sink are hidden by bamboo. There were private outside showers surrounded by jungle and the Lightroom even had a bath that you could fill with flowers to embrace your romantic side


You could think this is just another of those impersonal

hipster homes that has the location and the design but not the service? No way! You got a phone when you arrived and you practically had your own roomservice. But this roomservice guy was Wayan,  an amazing man from the local village. He brought us home cooked food from his family in small plastic lunch boxes each day and helped us with everything we has questions about.

We even got the opportunity to get a sneak peak

of the new Hideout house that they are building and WOW - you won’t get disappointed. We are already looking forward to our next trip to Hideout to stay in the new place. But one thing is for sure - it gets fully booked really quick. So book in advance or you might be lucky as us when someone had canceled and we found the best Airbnb in Bali just in the right time.



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