What is Awaycay?

Awaycays a travel blog where we share our best travel secrets. Unique, unexpected and totally wonderful. We want to inspire to travel and discover the world in a more unexpected way.

team awaycay

Who are you?

Our names are Emma & Adam. We are 31 and 26 years old and two travel enthusiasts from Sweden. Emma works as a fashion designer and Adam is a technical drawer. Right now we are living as full-time travellers enjoying our two big interests; photography and writing - while we get to see the world and tell you about it.


What kind of travellers are you?

We believe that luxury travel is about the experience rather then a 100m2 hotel room with a jacuzzi in the middle. When we travel we want to experience something new. We want to find unique destinations that surprises us and that may change the way we think about travelling.  We are not always budget travellers but we are totally over the traditional way to think about luxury travel.  

What is your best travel tips?

Don't pack to much! To do your laundry on a mountain top in Himalaya is not at all as boring as in a basement in Sweden. But to carry a too heavy bag will be even more frustrating 3000 meters above sea level.